All's Well That Ends Well

Comedy Panel Show • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by Brett Anderson, Andrew Kerr, JP Le Riche, Graeme Comrie, and MJ Phillip
All’s Well That Ends Well is a hilarious new comedy panel-show that takes a sideways look at world history. Join host, MJ Phillip, as he guides two teams of comedians on a journey into the many weird and humorous chapters of history.

From the dancing plague of 1518, to John F Kennedy’s coconut, to Peter the Great’s trained bear waiters, we delve into the crazy and hilarious moments in our planet’s past. Further Info: There are 6 rounds in the show including ‘You Can Quote Me on That’ where panelists need to figure out which historical figure said what, and ‘Did That Actually Happen?’ where each panelist must tell a ‘historical’ story that’s either fact or fib while their opponents must figure out whether it’s true or not.

MJ Phillip - When MJ was growing up he had two dreams; to be a historian, and host a comedy show. That dream is now a reality. MJ also presents a video series called 'Know Your Country' about South Africa's unique and interesting history. For a number of years he performed improv comedy in Stellenbosch, and has written and directed 4 short films.  

Brett 'Fish' Anderson - Brett "Fish" Anderson is a person who has been mistaken for Bono, not because of any great singing ability, but because he once owned a pair of yellow Bono glasses and dyed his hair black. Who cares? Bono!!' He is married to tbV and owns the world's most famous stuffed dolphin called No_bob, who doesn't bob hence the name. Brett has been performing Theatresports with Improguise for more than a decade.  

Graeme Comrie - The man who puts the sigh in ‘The Treaty of Versailles’, Graeme Comrie has been performing comedy for many years albeit mostly to his pub quiz team. Currently he works as a script writer for an animation studio, and has recently acted in a short film called ‘My African Dream – Gavin to the Wild’.  

Andrew Kerr – Standing at well over 6 foot tall, Andrew has helped the show rise to new heights. For a number of years he performed Theatresports with Improguise before moving onto other online projects including the Brothers Streep Show and writing sketch comedy for stage. Andrew has also contributed to \'Afterliff\' a book by QI creator John Lloyd.  

JP Le Riche – Despite sometimes getting confused between Saladin and salad, JP’s quick wit and love for comedy is clearly evident on stage. JP previously performed in a comedy panel show called ‘Panel Beating!’.

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