Improguise's 5th Annual Improv festival

Improv • Running Time: 60 mins
Performed by ImproGuise | Tandi Buchan, Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman, Ryan Jales, Brett Fish Anderson, Anne Hirsch, David Luyt, Carolyn Lewis and Ardine Fick.

ImproGuise, Cape Town’s oldest and award winning improv troupe present their fifth, week-long annual improv festival. 6 Nights of different formats, some new and some old audience favourites. New formats include Alexander Abbey- a period drama,  “WestWord “– a word from the audience that allows them to improv travel, and The Show Currently Known as Tribute – an improvised tribute show about a made up band, with real, made up songs based on titles from the audience. Old favourites include Naked Improv , Documentary and Duo’s. Each night is different, so watch one or watch all!

Mon 6 March - Naked Improv
 Improv from Nothing. This is Improv stripped down to its bare minimum  with no suggestions from the audience.
Cast: Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan,Leon Clingman,Brett Fish Anderson,Ardine Fick,Carolyn Lewis
Musician: James Harvey

Tues 7 March - Documentary
Through a series of improvised scenes and interviews, the team will provide a "factual" report on a particular subject chosen by the audience.
Cast:Megan Furniss,Tandi Buchan,Leon Clingman,Brett Fish Anderson,Anne Hirsch,Carolyn Lewis,Ardine Fick
Musician: Hannelore Olivier

Wed 8 March - Duos
3 pairs of improvisers will dazzle the audience for 20 min each.
Cast: Megan Furniss and Leon Clingman
Tandi Buchan and Carolyn Lewis
Anne Hirsch and Ardine Fick
Musician:James Harvey

Thurs 9 March - Tribute
 An improvised tribute show. This brand new format will be one half documentary where we find out who the made up band is, their influences and all about their music and the second half we hear some of their songs with titles suggested by the audience.
Cast: Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman,Tandi Buchan, Ryan Ross Jales, Brett Fish Anderson,Anne Hirsch, David Luyt,Ardine Fick
Musicians: James Harvey and Peter Faure

Fri 10 March - Alexander Abbey
An Austen inspired period drama.
Cast: Megan Furniss,Tandi Buchan,Anne Hirsch,Ryan Ross Jales, Leon Clingman and David Luyt.
Musician: Garth Tavares

Sat 11 March - Westword 
An improvised journey from one word. The team will construct an hours performance from one word given to them by the audience.
Cast: Megan Furniss,Tandi Buchan, David Luyt,Leon Clingman,Ryan Ross Jales
Musician:Hannelore Olivier

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