Prospective Artists / Booking the Theatre

Alexander Upstairs is the place where people who love theatre meet; artist and audiences coming together in an intimate space. Making theatre should be a dependable way to make a living and also a joy in itself, to that end Alexander Upstairs considers itself a partner in making this difficult pursuit a little easier. We’re here for people to take artistic risks and we’re here for people to make shows that appeal to the mainstream.

From 2020 we’ll be programming in Seasons, so if you have a project you’re wanting to do next year then please submit – but note we’ll be putting together 2020 only in September.

We host drama, comedy, cabaret, burlesque, screenings, talks, workshops, and readings.

Unfortunately we are no longer hosting live music gigs. (Except on a rental basis)

However there are a couple of things we are not interested hosting on a partnership basis:

  • Student productions (but will consider for rental)
  • Amateur productions (but will consider for rental)
  • Productions under 45 minutes (but will consider for rental)
  • Productions not open to the public (but will consider for rental)
  • Productions with free entrance (but will consider for rental)
  • Productions that espouse hateful ideologies
  • Productions that have not arranged rights for the text

If you interested in the rental option you may skip the following sections: Creative Team, References, Media, and Motivation.

If any production has violated or misrepresented themselves about the above then the production may be pulled from the schedule at any point and ticket sales will be refunded to the buyers. Alexander Bar and its affiliates will not be liable for any losses, damages or costs in such a scenario.

This form will give you some information about the venue and how we work so please read it carefully and fill it in as thoroughly as possible.

Alexander Upstairs has 42 seats in 4 raked rows, it is an intimate venue. It has professional, programmable lighting equipment and a good PA system, there are some additional fixtures and various items of sound equipment. There is a projector and a pull down screen.

The stage is 3.5m deep, 5m wide and 2.7m high. There is a single dressing room that enters onto stage left. The floor is black and the walls are hung with black curtaining.

Our standard financial agreement is that we take 35% of ticket sales. For all bookings there is a deposit of R500 per day which comes out of the venue’s 35% – so this won’t increase the cost to you unless you get low attendance – and neither of us wants that. Rates must be explicitly agreed to. Payment is made via EFT and tends to take around 5 working days, but may take longer.

We provide Front of House, online and telephone booking, and a sound/lighting technician for your show’s technical get-in. You must provide your own operator for the performance or pay a small fee for one of the freelancers we work with. We are involved in the marketing, but it is a partnership between us and the show producers.

If you wish to outright book the theatre then there is an hourly fee which depends on the day of the week and the time of day – please note that events before 12pm carry an additional fee for early opening.

Response times vary but please be patient, we get a lot of submissions.

Prospective Artists/Booking Form

Please include: Title, Genre/Form/Style, Number of performers/musicians, etc.
How long is your performance, how much setup time is required for each performance?
Who is involved in the project, and brief outline of what have they done before.
Why would this project be a good partnership with Alexander Bar? Consider our size and reputation.
Do you think your audience and crew will enjoy the bar downstairs and hang out before and after the show?
Contacts at other theatres where you have worked, links to reviews, etc.
Links to examples and/or reviews of your work, either on your website or youtube/soundcloud/etc.
Are you looking for a particular date? If not then leave this question blank.
How flexible are you with regards to dates? e.g. "available all of Sept, not in Aug"