Who’s Upstairs: Amy Louise Wilson

Amy is one of the performers in Anthol­ogy: a Change in the Weather, at Alexan­der Upstairs 7 — 18 April.

AmyLouiseWilsonHome town?

Tell us a little more about Anthology: A Change in the Weather?
It’s a series of three short plays. Adrian Collins and I perform in each of them. It’s a beautifully curated programme – plays by Louis Viljoen, Nicholas Spagnoletti and Jon Keevy.

What’s the next project?
I’m working on a TV series for the BBC in which I play a very theatrical evil villain. Fun.

And the one you’re dreaming of?
I’ve been dreaming of doing a Reza de Wet play for years. I have something of an obsession with her work.

How did you get into theatre?
My mom was involved with the theatre. She started taking me to the Market Theatre from before I could walk. I used to climb up on stage during those awful pantomimes they still do at the Civic Theatre and would have to be led by the hand back to my seat. I liked the feeling of the stage under my feet from a young age.

Dinner with any two figures from history: who would you invite and what would you serve them?
I would like to have Reza de Wet and Britney Spears over for a meal. I think we’d get along really well. I would need plenty of time to talk to Reza about her work and what our dreams mean. I think Britney would be a really entertaining dinner guest. We would have to eat anything that is not an animal. I think they are both people who would understand empathy, in very different ways.

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?
I love the Book Lounge. I go there to drink tea and learn lines in the basement amongst the books.

What excites you about theatre?
I like how theatre is kind of fragile and so our connection to it has to be momentary. It’s like catching a butterfly in a jar and having to let it go. It has to exist in your memory. It can’t exist on film (it looks ridiculous). It’s the closest thing to spirituality I know or understand.

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?
Nothing major stands out for me as a mistake. Not being discerning enough about involving myself in a project, maybe. I get too excited and stop listening to my instincts sometimes.

Who do you think people should be talking about?
Anything Genna Gardini writes; anything Joanna Evans directs; anything Albert Pretorius performs in; anything Francois Knoetze makes; and anything Jaco Bouwer designs.