Who’s Upstairs: Daneel van der Walt

Daneel is performing in Dani and the Lion, at Alexan­der Upstairs 20 July – 1 August.

DaneelvdWalt01Home town?
I was born in Sasolburg in the Nothern Free State. I lived in Van Wouw str for about 17 years. There.

Tell us a little more about your show?
Jason is the longest standing house mate I’ve ever had. I used to bombard him with my singing and my songs and he’s kind enough to think that they should be performed to people, so now we’re doing a cabaret about a woman and a lion, who isn’t really a lion. People should know this. I’m not paying any money back for people who are upset about the fact that I did not have a live lion with me upstairs at the Alexander Bar. You might think that I am exaggerating, but not everyone appreciates logistics.

And what’s next on the cards for you?
Beep boop boop beep.

And the project you’re dreaming of?
A show with an entire choir dressed up as finger puppets and me on a wire. Just hanging there, looking incredibly beautiful. Also, I would really like it if I can get a break in Afrikaans theatre. Want ek is Afrikaans. Ek kan dit praat.

How did you get into theatre?
My mother dropped me off at this lady’s house in Vanderbijlpark. She was, and quite possibly still is, a drama teacher.

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?
I’m not picky, but I do like it when it’s dark. I also like a good sunset and thanks to the fact that we live in Cape Town, that’s pretty much anywhere. I also really like Alexander Bar. Honestly. I really do.

What excites you about theatre?
It’s a room where strangers have come to watch other strangers say things that aren’t true, but kind of is. And we all believe it. When you exit off to go to the “kitchen”, I’m sitting there wondering what the tiles look like.

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?
My entire life up until the last question is a spectacular display of mistakes and lessons and I respect them all too much to single any single one out. I’m very fortunate in that way.

Who do you think people should be talking about?
I think we should talk about each other. I think we should support each other. I think we should stop being teenagers and complain about what other people are doing and getting paid to do and concentrate on what it is that we are doing and what we are leaving behind. It CANNOT be the selfie stick. I know this isn’t the question, but I feel passionate about the selfie stick thing. Thank you very much for asking.