Who’s Upstairs: Sonia Esguiera

Sonia is the writer and performer of Love & Prozac, showing at the Alexander Upstairs on the 21 – 25 July.

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Tell us a little more about your show?
Love & Prozac, is an amplified biography on navigating the dating jungle in your 30’s (And no, for the last time, I did not F*** the old man in real life).  I play 13 characters and it’s an extension of the comedy brand I created with my Porralicious comedy shows

And what’s next on the cards for you?
I’m collaborating with John Trengove and Brazilian producer Elias Ribeiro on the TV series version of the show and I’ve been asked to write the feature film screenplay loosely based on Love & Prozac.
Theatre-wise I’m collaborating with the wonderful Jenny Stead and Terry Norton on a new show…and trying out stand-up comedy, which I kind of suck at but I do it anyway- sorry in advance.

And the project you’re dreaming of?
My first screenplay – I can’t believe its finally happening! The first of many.

How did you get into theatre?
I have a classical theatre background from UCT and it’s always been my first love. There’s something so gritty and raw about it – pure magic creating entire worlds with just your body and voice – unlike movies that rely on special effects.

Dinner with any two figures from history: who would you invite and what would you serve them?
My grandmother and Jesus. I’d just bring water 😉

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?
The beach.

What excites you about theatre?
When theatre “works” it can be pure magic and emotionally cathartic for the viewer. Watching performers transform and transport us through their storytelling. I love bold theatre, bold characters, bold statements, risk takers. But mostly I love how innovative theatre can be, you need to apply ingenuity to create entire worlds and metaphors using only your body and voice. When it works- it’s pure magic.
As a performer- slipping into different “skins” and that moment when you truly understand your characters and feel alive as them is utterly addictive.

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?
Don’t be ridiculous – I’m flawless!

Who do you think people should be talking about?
Tabacco and the harmful effects thereof! Directed by Sylvaine Strike and starring Andrew Buckland. Probably the best theatre show I have ever seen. It perfectly encapsulates everything I love about theatre.