Who’s Upstairs: Tara Notcutt

Tara is the director of Every Beautiful Thing, at Alexan­der Upstairs 14 — 23 May.

TaraNotcutt01Home town?
I come from the small town of Southfield. It’s in Cape Town, but no one really knows where it is. Kind of like Narnia.

Tell us a little more about Every Beautiful Thing?
Ah, it’s like trying to describe how awesome your own child is! I’ve had such a great time working with the ladies and Jon’s text. It’s a play that creeps into your heart, without you expecting it, and before you realise you’re sleeping with its head on your lap.

And what’s next on the cards for you?
I’ll be going to Grahamstown with this, as well as some other shows. Three that I’m particularly excited about are:
Three Blind Mice, the long awaited sequel to The Three Little Pigs
Fatal, a one man show about a birthday party, with the flippen rad Albert Pretorius
– and After Dark in the Groot Marico, the follow up to Mafeking Road, with more stories by Herman Charles Bosman, featuring Andrew Laubscher and Sive Gubangxa

And the project you’re dreaming of?
Oh man… That would be telling… Let’s just say it involves a lot of scaffolding.

How did you get into theatre?
My dad is a drama teacher and my mom is a dance teacher. I don’t think I could have escaped it. I did want to be a farmer’s wife for a long time, but I prefer to stay out of the sun, so staying inside in the dark suits me perfectly.

Dinner with any two figures from history: who would you invite and what would you serve them?
Ooh la la…
I could invite famous people, but I think I would invite my two grandfathers. I never knew one, and the other died when I was very young, so I would really love to meet them.
I would serve them my mom’s spaghetti bolognaise, because it’s the fanciest thing I know how to make. And I’ll finish off with milk tart and tea. I think they’d like that.

Favorite spot in Cape Town (besides Alexander Bar, obviously)?
For a movie: The Labia theatre.
For dinner: the little place down the road from my flat that has zero atmosphere and serves amazing sushi.
For a late night drink: The Kimberley Hotel, on a stool next to the jukebox, with a handful of R2 coins.

What excites you about theatre?
I love how it’s slightly different, every night. I love that you sit in the dark with strangers and watch something which each of you is going to experience differently. It’s infinite, and amazing.

What mistakes have you made and learned the most from?
That’s a very loaded question.

Who do you think people should be talking about?
The graduating class of UCT 2014 is a very strong year, and I’m very excited to see how their careers unfold. People I’m particularly excited about are Alex McCarthy, Callum Tilbury and Koleka Putuma. I think that they’re all wonderful in very different ways, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to make this year.